In a dystopian future, the roles of judge and jury pale in comparison to the responsibility of Juror No. 13. It is his destiny to carry out his Fury Duty, or face dire consequences.

The weekly Test Kitchen dinner parties are always a culinary delight. That is, until one takes an especially delectable turn.

Here is the Church, and it may spell the doom of a teenager and a young girl who find their hometown suddenly deserted.

It's Business as Usual for a lecherous sales supervisor who has his eye on the beautiful receptionist, who just might be a vampire.

Take a Picture, it will last longer, when a woman finds herself pursued and terrorized by a savage trucker.

The Visitor at the Door inspires his hospitalized son, and gives him encouragement, when he needs it the most.

A woman struggles to overcome her Fear of Open Spaces when the undead rise to inherit the Earth.

Nightmares can hurt you only when you're alone.

There is always a choice for those with the strength to create one.

"The Unfriend Zone" by Joe Townsel

What would you do if a secret admirer gave you a most remarkable tablet? A tablet that seemed to repair broken friendships and fix unrequited romances, just by using its social media app, "The Friend Zone." Could you resist the temptation to change your fate? Just a little?

Also inside: A new short story - The Maniac in the Mirror

Have you ever wondered if the person looking back at you from the mirror had a hidden agenda? What if that person wondered the same thing about you? Either way, that person may not be your identical twin after all.

Don't mess with what lies beyond the glass.

"Anticipation" - with stories by Joe Townsel

From the truly horrific, to the horrible truth. From the dark and twisted, to the twisted darkness. Bizarre tales, thought-provoking, cringe-inducing and even ... side-splitting! Seven scribes of the macabre invite you to partake of the 25 mind-bending stories inside these covers.


Anticipate no longer, dear reader. Join us within...


Dark and Bizarre Tales by

F. Flobo Boyce

Rolando Joseph Herrera

Jennifer Hurd

Leia Machado

Aaron Peraza-Baker

Tonett T Peraza-Baker

Joe Townsel

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