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Hell and Wellness

Hell and Wellness is an epic novel, accompanied by one short story and three poems. All five works are related, and tell the horrifying ... and yet, life affirming ... Trials, Tribulations and Tests of Faith as experienced by a man, his mother, other family, and caregivers after his Taste of Hell and subsequent Road to Recovery. It is available as an e-Book for purchase from all major retailers. It's also available as a high-quality 6"x9" trade paperback.

Turn the page, begin a new chapter ... Turn the corner, begin a new journey. Download the e-Book for your favorite device and app in minutes, or have the paperback for your bookshelf in just a few days!


ISBN 978-1-31207-715-7



Trade Paperback

ISBN 978-1-31210-462-4




Don't see your favorite e-book retailer above? Virtually all e-readers (except Kindle) use an "e-pub" file. You can still enjoy the e-book by purchasing the e-pub file, and copying directly to your reader on your device.
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