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Don't let this photo scare you. Let the stories in Hell and WellnessMate to OrderFury Duty, The Unfriend Zone and Anticipation do that!

I've been a writer and cartoonist my entire life. One of my stories in the anthology, "The Incredible Shrinking Universe," uses the characters and premise from a comic strip I conceptualized and submitted to newspaper syndicates some years ago. Some installments can be found in my "News" section. One of my works in progress is reviving this concept in cartoon format. To date, my biggest claim to fame is a writing sale to Mad Magazine during my college years. Photography is also a passion of mine.

I'm blessed to have family and friends who always give me their love and support (especially my mom; love you)!

On the Horizon:

A new collection of novellas, short stories and poetry.

My first comic book, a la Tales From The Crypt and Creepshow.

Stay tuned, dedicated readers!


I hope you enjoy the novels, novellas and wicked stories in Hell and WellnessMate to OrderFury Duty and The Unfriend Zone. I also hope you get a kick out of the 25 dark tales from seven scribes of the macabre in Anticipation. Please let me know what you think by posting reviews for all the books, and of course, please spread the word! And, of course, all of my books are available as e-Books and high-quality 6"x9" trade paperbacks! Buy them here!

Check back often for updates about upcoming news and events!

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